wukong-robot 1181

🤖 wukong-robot 是一个简单、灵活、优雅的中文语音对话机器人/智能音箱项目。

hexo-theme-freemind 242

Most powerful bootstrap theme for hexo.

hexo-theme-wixo 77

A wiki theme for Hexo.

Learn-Python-The-Hard-Way 57

My answer for the book Learn Python The Hard Way

QtEVM 48

C++ implementation of EVM(Eulerian Video Magnification), based on OpenCV and Qt.

2dMorphing 27

2D Image Morphing Algorithms based on mesh warping. C++ project, which is transplanted from the c codes given by Yurong Sun and George Wolberg. Details: http://davis.wpi.edu/~matt/courses/morph/2d.htm

hexo-renderer-pandoc 25

A pandoc-markdown-flavor renderer for hexo.

orgwiki 24


hexo-tag-bootstrap 16

Bootstrap tag plugins for Freemind.

org-beamer-cn 16

[Deprecated] org-mode Simple Chinese Template for Beamer

awesome-config 7

My config file for Awesome window manager.

dissertation 4

LaTeX source code of my master dissertation.

scnuthesis 4


CV 4


opencv-2-cookbook-src 2

《OpenCV 2 计算机视觉编程手册》 配套代码

Qt_Toys 1

Some toy exemplars for Qt start-up.


Foreground Constrained Eulerian Video Magnification(FC-EVM)

timeline 1

my story

infer-xcode-plugin 0

Facebook infer plugin for xcode.

alcatraz-packages 0

Package list repository for Alcatraz

android-big-nerd-ranch 0

Solutions from the Big Nerd Ranch Android Programming (2013) by Bill Phillips and Brian Hardy

xctool 0

A replacement for Apple's xcodebuild that makes it easier to build and test iOS or OSX apps.

gitfiti 0

abusing github commit history for the lulz

handout-with-script 0

A LaTeX template for writing script with handout of slides.

MotionSegmentation3D 0

Matlab Code for 3D motion segmentation.