simply-vue 50

A simple VueJS.

index-sidebar 48

A sidebar component with chars as index.

2048 7

JavaScript 实现的 2048 网页游戏

simply-lazy 5

A simple Lazy.js implementation, to show the core of lazy evaluation.

jsp-renderer 2

Render JSP to HTML, simply remove Java code block and other things not supported, but support some necessary things like<%@include%>, <%=..%>, ${..}, <c:if>, etc.

GaussKrugerUtil 2

Simply JavaScript code, used to translate Gauss Kruger project coordinate with LatLon coordinate.

xsm.js 2

个人工作用的轻量级 JavaScript 框架/库,提供简单的模块管理、消息机制、jQuery 插件管理、通用工具等。

vue-demo 1

VueJS demo

AddStyle 1

将 CSS 内容以添加 style 节点方式应用到页面。

LrcPrinter 1


seajs-var 1

Sea.js plugin to load non-CMD module (e.g. jQuery).

focus-reading 1

A Chrome extension for focus reading.

image-viewer 1

A simple image viewer component.

js-highlight 1

Highlight JavaScript code.

asset-inject-html-webpack-plugin 0

Inject assets into HTML template, extension plugin of html-webpack-plugin.

leaflet-baidu-tile-layer 0

A new TileLayer Type for use BaiduMap ( as tile source in LeafLet.

ImageSlideTransition 0

DEMO of transition effect of image slides.

simple-view-model 0

A simple view model.

old-js-dependency-analysis 0


lazy-invoke 0

Invoke a function asynchronously, lazily. 0

Personal Site

slide-animation 0

JavaScript + CSS animation

sliding-puzzle-game 0

A sliding puzzle game.

zip-files 0

Zip files from multiple sources.

database-xml-to-html 0

Parse database xsm file then render to HTML.