GateSharp 17

a reverse proxy server (that is , a gate) used for scene services in game development , written by csharp

Phial.Fantasy 12

an example game project using combinations of Phial framework, which includes Phial.CodeGenerator, Network, GateSharp, etc.

CoroutineSharp 9

a timer implemented the way linux kernel does, together with a coroutine infrastructure based upon that timer, written by csharp

Behaviour 8

a behavior-tree engine, including a compiler which compiles DSL to target language, and a cshap runtime.

Network 3

a socket wrapper written by csharp

CodeC 2

code generator combinators

trivial-compiler 2

a trivial compiler, written by ParseC.

cs_file_parser 1

a simple cs file parser written by ParseC

MIT-6.824-2017 0

Basic Sources for MIT 6.824 Distributed Systems Class