EBForeNotification 410

iOS Foreground Push Notification, the same as the system style, both Banner and Sound. 在 App 处于前台时展示跟系统完全一样的推送弹窗和声音。获取推送内容,并处理点击事件。

one-line-jpush 2

一行命令搞定 iOS 推送 / one line in terminal achieve push notification

-Codes-Resources-Learning-iOS8-Game-Development-Using-Swift- 2

《Learning iOS8 Game Development Using Swift》

EBMuteDetector 1

Detect iPhone is mute(silence) or not, detect once or keep detecting . 检测 iPhone 是否静音,可只检测一次,也可循环监听。

pikacode.github.io 1

iOS Tech blog. iOS 技术 blog。 http://pikacode.ml

OctoPos 0

Octocat repos searcher.

EBResources 0

Resources provide links for blog articals.

CoreDataTableViewController 0

集成CoreData的tableviewController ⭐