chromium_webview 390

Android WebView wrapper based on chromium

365browser 99

An android browser based on chromium for android

TintBrowser 14

forked to demostrate the ChromiumWebView usage

ndk-gtest 7

gtest testsuite and scripts from chromium project

chromium_mirror_script 3

some scripts for mirror chromium repository to local

android-gtest 2

unit test examples for android native

chromium-docs 1

a mirror of site

python-test 1

some test code of python

opengl-test 1

some opengl example in linux

webkit_for_android5.1 0

Build webkit in android5.1 for low-end devices. The webkit source and related projects are from android4.3.

jsdemo 0

some JavaScript code for demo

webkit-html5 0

some html5 implements in android webkit

webengine-test 0

A project to evaluate web engine of Android system

Boost-for-Android 0

Android port of Boost C++ Libraries

cpptest 0

some test code for c++

androidcodes 0


asitemap 0

Automatically exported from

mogo-android-samples 0

Automatically exported from

video-plugin 0

Automatically exported from

nativeskia 0

Automatically exported from

chromium_deps 0

publish .DEPS.git for chromium release version

cocos2d-x 0

cocos2d-x for C++

android-testcode 0

some test code during project development