marketo 77

A note-taking KDE application with the power of lightweight markup language

texmacs-doc-zh 13

Chinese translations of TeXmacs's documents

shiji 8


libmdcpp 6

implementation of the Markdown markup language in CPP (library)

dotTeXmacs 6

My TeXmacs configurations

Binding-SemanticUI 3

On top of SemanticUI, this Scala.js project provides components defined in Ant Design with Binding.scala

scala-archetype-simple 2

a simple maven archetype for project in scala

akka-essentials 2

Scala Examples from the book - Akka Essentials

Binding.scala-SemanticUI 1

Play 2.5, ScalaJS, Binding.scala and SemanticUI starter project.

marketo-for-win 1

Build scripts for Marketo on Windows

texmacs 1

Mirror of the TeXmacs svn repository, using git-svn. Also contains guile-2.0 branch from

manpages_zh 1


katoeba 1

A desktop client for Tatoeba Project

spring-boot-with-scala 0

An elaborated Spring Boot with Scala demo

kate-commonmark 0

CommonMark syntax rules for Kate

homebrew-kf5 0

Homebrew tap for KDE Frameworks

awesome-akka 0

A collection of akka based nice frameworks, libraries and software. 0

My personal blog

httpize 0

HTTPIZE! What else?

scalajs-tutorial 0

Source code accompanying the Scala.js tutorial

texmacs-git-plugin 0

Git Plugin for TeXmacs