pyhdfs-1 0

Python WebHDFS client

docker-hbase-standalone 0

Repo for Docker Trusted build banno/docker-hbase-standalone

docker-jebian 0

A minimalistic Oracle JRE 8 Docker container based on Debian.

hadoop-yarn-api-python-client 0

Python client for Hadoop® YARN API

python-hbase 0

Debianized Egg of the Thrift client for HBase

pyhdfs 0

python binding for libhdfs (hadoop)

prometheus 0

The Prometheus monitoring system and time series database.

hbase-docker 0

HBase running in Docker

docker-hue-1 0

Docker image for Hue - the web UI for Hadoop.

pys3upload 0

A python module for uploading data to s3 using the multipart API

flynn 0

A next generation open source platform as a service (PaaS)

deis 0

Deis v1, the CoreOS and Docker PaaS: Your PaaS. Your Rules.

workflow 0

The open source PaaS for Kubernetes.

flask-alchemy-template 0

quick project template w/ basic examples

learning-tools 0

A collection of tools and files for learning new technologies

kpaas-portal 0

paas base on k8s

laradock 0

A Docker PHP development environment.

flask-zhenai-mongo-echarts 0


flask-jquery-ajax-example 0

AJAX example using jQuery and Flask

flask-backbone-mongo 0

experiments with backbone.js, flask and mongo

Docker-Flask-uWSGI-Nginx 0

Flask + uWSGI + Nginx Docker config

dubbo-docker-1 0

Example of running Dubbo in Docker, packaged as a springboot application.

docker-elk 0

The ELK stack powered by Docker and Compose.