android-app 1


wblog 1

Rails 社区缺了一个独立博客建站系统, 这就是 WBlog

cache_spider 1


ahchoo 1

test for cloudfoundry

java-webdriver 1

java webdriver

ynm3k 1

UI Automation + YUItest driven acceptance tests that can be hooked into Jenkins

ping 1


page-object 1

Gem to implement PageObject pattern in watir-webdriver and selenium-webdriver

ios-minicap 0

iOS Minicap provides a socket interface for streaming realtime screen capture data out of iOS devices.

innbox 0

Mountable Private Messaging Engine for any Rails application.

vim 0


UI-Testing-Cheat-Sheet 0

How do I test this with UI Testing?

bluepill 0

Bluepill is a reliable iOS testing tool that runs UI tests using multiple simulators on a single machine

AutoClick 0


homeland-press 0

A Press plugin for Homeland 0

Java Client binding for Macaca

node-idevice 0

Node wrapper around ideviceinstaller

iosutil 0

iosutil is used for connect with unjailbreak ios device and pc

ruby-china 0

:circus_tent: Ruby China website source code.

pagedown 0

Automatically exported from

WeChatLuckyMoney 0

:moneybag: 微信抢红包插件, 帮助你在微信群聊抢红包时战无不胜. An Android app that helps you snatch virtual red envelopes in WeChat group chat.