phphbaseadmin 81

phphbaseadmin is a hbase admin web tool,it developed using thrift interface、php CodeIgniter framework .

zookeeper-monitoring 3

Tools and Recipes for Monitoring Apache Zookeeper

bigdesk 2

elasticsearch bigdesk plugin for version 2.1

ignite-doc-cn 1

Apache Ignite中文手册

poseidon 0

A client for Kafka 0.8 0

No nonsense asciicasting for serious hackers - command-line recorder

scribe 0

基于Facebook Scribe做了些调整,兼容Hadoop1.0.3

AnsiblePower 0

ansible web ui

xlog 0

基于linux c开发的多进程、低系统消耗的日志收集客户端、可结合flume、kafka同时对多个日志源进行日志的实时收集。

node-hbase 0

Asynchronous HBase client for NodeJs using REST

EasyWeChat 0


green 0

微信公众号源码 - 微信号Ms_haoqi

saltstack 0


spark-es 0

ElasticSearch integration for Apache Spark

dj 0

weather_py 0

[python tools] Linux/Unix终端天气预报

mybot 0

Build your own Slack bot in Go.

qqwry 0


mapop 0

Golang map[string]interface{} operations: Keys, Values, Reject, Select, Split, MapKeys, MapValues, Partition, etc..

czlib 0

Fast zlib implementation for Go

webworker 0

A web-service stub that uses a worker pool for queueing and processing http-json POSTs

flume-source-taildir-recursive 0

Flume1.7.0 TaildirSource support monitor sub-directories recursivly