android-image-filter 499

some android image filters

RxCamera 324

RxJava style API for android camera

StaticLayoutView 160

a pre-render TextView demo

AllocRecordDemo 33

A demo to show how to get the allocated objects information in android

MovieCamera 21

A simple demo android app written in Kotlin

VisualSort 13

the visualization of some sort algorithms

PMVis 9

PMVis, visualization chinese first-tier cities's air pollution and surrounding area in WebGL, still under heavily construction

RandomMaze 6

generation a random maze, writtern by pygame

JParserUtil 4

A set of utilities to extract info from Java source file

JavaSourceMapGenerator 2

a tool for generate source map from a set of Java source file

Lacie 2

An Annotation Processor Tool without launching the compile process

ToList 2

A simple To Do List app for android, Just For Fun

django-piston-xauth-example 2

this is an example for django-piston use xauth, and in client, I use Java to show how to get the access-token and visit the protectd resource it user the forking version in

zhao 1


MonoReader 1

MonoReader, Yet Another Self-Hosting Feed Reader, still under heavily development

ragnarokblog 1

a light weight blog engine

SICP-sol 1

My SICP exercise solution

myGoogleReader 1

a simple google reader client for ubuntu

yoga 0

Yoga is a cross-platform layout engine which implements Flexbox. Follow for updates.

djinni 0

A tool for generating cross-language type declarations and interface bindings.

Blog-Content 0

My Blog's Markdown files

LeetCodeSol-rust 0

My leetcode solution in rust

Leetcode-py 0

My leetcode solution in python

GLESOffScreenRenderingDemo 0

a simple demo to show how to use OpenGLES off-screen rendering in android