30dayMakeOS 755


SurgeConfigGenerator 92

Surge配置生成器 (快速生成属于你自己的 Surge 配置)

SuperLogger 78

Save NSLog() to file and send email to developer

Demo_CustomQRCode 60

Generate a colorful QRCode using CIFilter with Objective-C.

SimpleDeployer 32

A simple deployer base on Node.js . Easy deploy using git WebHook

YXWaveView 27

A water wave animation view (类似百度外卖的头像波浪效果)

DataminingGuideBook-Codes 23


objc-zen-book-cn 23

GitBook for 《禅与 Objective-C 编程艺术》

EventLogger 20

Log event count and event time in iOS

AutomatorGenerateICON 16

Use automator batch generate icons

LearningOpenCV 15

Source code for Learning OpenCV 《学习OpenCV》源码及 Mac 运行工程

DataminingGuideBook 15


Alfred_NumToCny 10

转换数字为人民币金额的Alfred Workflow

Aerial 7

Apple TV Aerial Screensaver for Mac

Demo_LineAnimation 6

iOS Line and Object Animation Demo

yourtion.github.io 5

Source Code for my blog

GradleGuideBook 5

Android Gradle 插件中文指南

SwiftDesignPatterns 5

Swift设计模式 (iOS)


HTTPDNS 库 Objdctive-C 实现(使用DNSPod 、AliyunDNS、 Google ...)

Alfred_SimulatorLauncher 5

Easy to launch simulator form Alfred

Alfred_Gitignore 4

Easy get git ignore from Alfred workflow

Alfred_SourceTree 3

Fast launch project in SourceTree


HTTPDNS 库 Swift 实现(支持 DNSPod 与 AliyunDNS )

YXNetworkDiagnose-OC 3

Network Diagnose Framework for iOS and OSX

Demo_VideoRecord_iOS 3

Record video in iOS using swift and compress for upload