XRecyclerView 2701

a RecyclerView that implements pullrefresh and loadingmore featrues.you can use it like a standard RecyclerView

LinkedViewPager 305

a linked ViewPager and a demo to show the effect

CodeBox 156

an open source project demo Demonstration

Gallery 77

a Gallery demo like the souhu app

GossipView 62

a custom view like the Gossip,with responsive items

3DNumberRotate 23

number 3d rotate animation

SpringAnimationDemo 21


baseadapterhelper 17

a handy adapter for ListView and RecyClerview. base on JoanZapata's base-adapter-helper and add support for RecyClerview

PullToRefreshListView 8


Spear 4

Spear是Android上的一个图片加载器,目的是为了帮助开发者从本地或网络读取图片,然后处理并显示在ImageView上。Spear is an image loader for Android, the purpose is to help the developers to read a picture from a local or network, and then processed and displayed on the ImageView

Jcodecraeer-Android 4


FlipCountdownAndroid 4

Flip Countdown views for Android

stateLayout 2

a quick switch layout

debugoverlay 2

A tiny window overlay to log app internal on top of your android app

Dexter 2

Android library that simplifies the process of requesting permissions at runtime.

GABottleLoading 1

Bezier storm(贝塞尔风暴)

TimerView 1


android-tech-frontier 1


Android-Best-Practices 1


android-pluginmgr 1

dynamic load uninstalled apk

shadow-layout 1

Android Shadow Layout

android-autoupdater 1

android lib -autoupdater

Grav 0

Configurable animations based on points