DroidScripts 116

Scripts, speed up your development work.

AvoidForceCloseDemo 50

A demo that avoid show app crash dialog

Akoi-Translator 32

A translator translates text once you copy translatable content.

AndroidSQLiteTuningDemo 24

A demo that contains tuning code for SQLite in Android

Gmail-Helper-Filter 11

This is an extension that helps you create Gmail spam filter more easily and quickly by one click

DroidWebViewProxyDemo 10

Android WebView Proxy Demo

DroidResCleaner 5

Scripts to clean unused resources in Android Project

DroidJitChecker 2

A jit-friendly checking tool for Android Projects.

Qiniu_Uploader 2

An Uploading Tool for Uploading Files to Qiniu, especially for Octopress

Domain-Info-Tool 2


AndroidDifficultAnalysis 1


droid-utils 1

Android Utils Code Snippets

atom2rss 1

A tool that converts atom to rss

DroidPy 1

Python Scripts dealing with Android

Read-Mode-Demo 1

A demo for Read Mode

Rss-IT 1

这个项目记录了个人订阅的一些科技人的Blog地址,欢迎大家推荐,一起来完善! 欢迎自荐......

octopress 1

Octopress is an obsessively designed framework for Jekyll blogging. It’s easy to configure and easy to deploy. Sweet huh?

DroidPlugin 0

A plugin framework for android