glist 2.0:在 Atom 中像 notational velocity 一样快速记 gist

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Taking notes with Github Gist from atom, inspired by notational velocity

在 atom 中像 notational velocity 一样快速记笔记,贴代码片段,甚至写博客,迅速保存到 github gist 上


  1. gist is version controlled, and support almost all markup and programming language.
  2. atom is awesome (at lease for markdown).
  3. Notational Velocity is simple, fast and awesome. I use emacs deft every day, but it doesn't have any version control.

glist combine all these cool things


  1. gist 带版本管理,每个 gist 都是一个 git repo, 而且支持各种标记和编程语言
  2. atom 非常好用(虽然我写代码时用 emacs,但是 markdown 支持并不如 org-mode)而且开源,插件容易写,于是花了两天
  3. Notational Velocity 的方式记笔记非常高效,这一点在 emacs 中对应的是 deft mode,缺点是 deft mode 只能同步 dropbox,并不能结合有版本管理的服务 如 gist


apm install glist


Github Token

  1. get a github auth token via either curl or gui
  2. copy the token and paste to glist's setting

Gist Directory

you can customize where to store your gist files, by default they are underHOME/.atom/package/glist/gists

the path has to be a absolute, no relative, ~ doesn't work either

default suffix for new gist

by default every new gist created is markdown.

How to Use

find/open gist

edit gist

create gist


  • delete gist file
  • delete gist
  • open gist on web
  • copy gist URL
  • writing tests

now I can use Atom and gist in place of Notational Velocity/Evernote